Salterns Walk

The Saltings Field at Beeding is a medieval antiquity site close to the river Adur.

From here we walked a little way along one of the side streams that hold far more interest than than the barren banks of the river proper.
Butterflies seen included about 30 Gatekeeper, 2 Red Admiral, 10 Meadow Brown and single Small Tortoiseshell. Close the stream a large Damselfly with very dark wings flew out of sight behind a brick building. I took this to be the Banded Demoiselle; Calopteryx splendens. (On reflection I am less sure and inclined to prefer Beautiful Demoiselle, C. virgo). Other blue damselfies were commonly seen at a distance beyond identification range. The highlight was as male Emperor Dragonfly came over the stream and settled onto grass within range of a photo opportunity.
Brilliant photograph!
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